Living space offer

For Develop-Estate every customer is a partner. Together with you we will find the best, the fastest and the most advatageous real estate purchase or sale solution tailor-made for you.
A vast, easy-to-use living space database will become your great partner saving your time and energy.

Granting/taking a lease

Develop – Estate is the enterprise that offers its services to the apartment owners to assist them in finding long-term tenants with stable income and to assist potential tenants to find a good dwelling property.

Develop- Estate possesses a vast and easy-to-use database where one can find both apartments and houses for rent. Our offer ranges from small apartments to the most exclusive apartments and houses all over Latvia.

To ensure a fast and orderly procedure of granting/taking a lease we attend to it from start to finish – offering objects, organising inspection of the property, conducting negotiations, monitoring information, taking care of all formalities and the legal issues related to the transaction, informing of the risks.